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  • Build prospect lists
  • Inbox (managed by us)
  • Email follow-ups
  • AI email templates
  • Real-time lead/sequence monitoring
  • Monthly reporting (lead sheets/list performance)
  • 3 month minimum term

More questions?

What is Starter Pricing ?

We’ve recently relaunched Ripple to include features such as AI. It’s faster, more intuitive (and lot’s more features coming!). We are offering, for a limited time offer on all plans.

Will I get blocked by SPAM filters?

We send responsibly. Ripple simply takes a lot of the manual work out of prospecting and sending a manual follow-up (like you may do anyway), without the manual effort to do it.

Does Ripple send mass emails?

We send targeted, personalized emails. You can scale up as more leads are required but we do so in a predictable, scalable way.

Will people know I’m using Ripple to save time?

Nope. Ripple operates as if it’s you, directly. We typically send emails from Gmail accounts so all emails come directly from you, in a personalized way. (It’s exactly the same as sending the emails manually without actually having to!)

Can I control the times and days that the follow-ups will be sent on?

Our AI will do that for you. We set up the campaign together, and let technology decide when best to be sending emails.

Have another question?

Email us as at Always here to help 🙂